Boost your ratings on the social media

We make your clinic more attractive on Trustpilot, Facebook og Google+.

Measure patient satisfaction

Receive monthly statistical reports by your patients’ satisfaction, employee statistics etc.

Get the positive opinions directly on your website

We integrate the positive patient responses from satisfaction analysis of your website.

From negative patient to positive ambassador

Discover and turn dissatisfied patients into happy ambassadors through automated satisfaction surveys.

It works like this

Dental Media's system automatically sends a text or email to the patient when they have been to the dentist.

The patient answers three quick questions about their experience at the clinic.

If the patient is happy and satisfied, we will redirect them to Trustpilot, Facebook or Google+.

If the patient is unsatisfied, we give you the chance to follow up a bad experience by calling the patient.

It all adds up in the end to happy and satisfied patients who are positive ambassadors for your clinic.

Create positive ambassadors for your clinic

With Dental Media’s Trustbuilder, you gain a valuable work tool that can turn your patients into positive ambassadors for your clinic. We send your patients directly on to Trustpilot, Facebook or Google+, where they can rate their experience.

Once your patients have attended their consultation, they automatically receive an e-mail or text with a link to a satisfaction analysis, where they can assess their experience on the clinic. This gives you the chance to receive constructive feedback and also gain an understanding of whether your patients are positive ambassadors for your clinic.

Turn negative patient experiences into positive ones

From dissatisfied patient to positive ambassador. With Trustbuilder, you gain a unique opportunity to turn negative patient experiences into positive ones. If a patient has had a poor experience at the clinic, they will be offered a phone call to correct the situation. This allows you to turn any negative experiences into positive ones, and to be personally involved in creating positive ambassadors for your clinic. Trustbuilder can also be used internally in the clinic to measure your employees’ satisfaction.

Implementation and operation

We help you design your satisfaction analyses, so you get exactly the feedback you need. We ensure that the system is implemented at the clinic.

There's more!

And it doesn't end here

We’ll keep you updated

Each month we send you a detailed report of how your clinic scores on satisfaction, and on Trustpilot, Facebook or Google+, so you always have the overview.

Personal guidance

We are always ready to assist you promptly if you should need guidance or support.

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