This is how we get you patients

Target group oriented marketing

Make sure that your campaign only affects those who are relevant to you.

We are the fastest way to growth of your clinic

Quickly and efficiently we find the patients that are relevant to your clinic, and ensures that you receive the number of patients you need.

A professional first impression

The campaign is professionally developed and tailored to your clinic. Your personal design provide a professional first impression and leaves your patients with the right information.

It works like this

Dental Media designs all elements of your campaign to fit exactly your clinic. We take professional photos of your team and your clinic, so the campaign personally tells who you are - no hocus pocus.

We monitor all angles of your campaign and inform you continuously about all steps from start to finish - you can confidently sit back, we'll do the hard work.

You are now ready to book time for all the new patients who want to visit your clinic for an examination. Keep in mind - you only pay for the patients we provide to you.


Effective marketing with patient guarantee

If you need more patients in your clinic, or want to expand with more treatment rooms, then Dental Media’s marketing campaigns are a super effective tool to fill out your empty chairs.

We have developed a campaign, which effectively activates the share of the population who do not visit a dentist regularly. We work with dentists all over Scandinavia who want to take on more patients from our campaigns. We supply a minimum of 50 patients at a time for a fixed fee per patient. We operate no cure, no pay, which means you only pay for the patients you get.

Implementation and operation

We run the campaign for you for the desired period. We monitor the campaign continuously and guide you extensively throughout the process.

There is no reason to wait

Here are eight good reasons

Get started quickly

From signing the agreement, it only takes around a week before the first patients turn up.

Can you keep up?

Are you ready to get busy? The last campaign we ran gained approx. 50 new patients per week.

No cure, no pay

There is no financial risk linked to the campaign. You only pay for the patients we direct to you.

Cheapest way to growth

When buying patient records, you often pay € 250+ per patient. We are much cheaper.

A great offer

The campaign builds on a great offer. The first time patients visit you, they get excellent treatment at a fair price. Approx. 80% of new patients will buy more and stay with you.

Newly opened clinic?

If you’re about to open a new clinic, it’s essential to be fully booked from day one. Thanks to our campaign, one of our dentist’s new clinics was booked up 3 months in advance, before they had even opened.

Call the patients

Our campaign adds all new patients to a telephone list. You simply call the patients and book an appointment with them over the phone.

Maximise capacity

Perhaps you have a few spare chairs or additional appointment times at your existing clinic? We ensure maximum capacity, so you can focus on treatments.

No more empty chairs

Get started right away